Making 50K/30 iOS App and Other Random Things

A development told using Instagram photos (because everything looks better with filters). First of all, what is 50K/30? Read my pitch? Chasing word counts made easy: 50K/30 for iOSAre you writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? Then 50K/30 is the app for you. (Did I sound like a telemarketer just now?) 50K/30 is a simple and concise iOS writing app with a prominently … Continue reading Making 50K/30 iOS App and Other Random Things

External link to MacHeist : Play games win free Mac software

MacHeist : Play games win free Mac software

From the website: So, what exactly is MacHeist? It begins with the missions…. MacHeist’s missions are an opportunity for our members to live out some of their time travel fantasies, including family secrets, hidden rooms, and a storyline packed with Steampunk intrigue, while earning free Mac software. They are pretty serious about giving away free software. There has so far been 4 NanoMissions and 3 … Continue reading MacHeist : Play games win free Mac software

Taiwan Designer’s Week 2012

After my shift, I got to explore the other booths at Taiwan Designer’s Week. My desk is way worse. Bloody bookmark. “It’s ok to be imperfect”. Amen to that. Scribbles chair. This feels steampunk to me. “Power to the Prototype”. Shuriken magnets, anyone? Piggie este panda banks. I love the display case. I like this clock. Those “plastic” looking cans are actually made from corn … Continue reading Taiwan Designer’s Week 2012

Bone at Taiwan Designer’s Week 2012

My first time participating in Taiwan Designer’s Week. My company had a booth and we were assigned to be there it for a couple of days in that week. Our booth with our graffiti penguins. My penguin. Our game took part in the exhibit too, to boost game sales. And some of our company’s products. I will write a separate post for the other booths … Continue reading Bone at Taiwan Designer’s Week 2012


So I went to a concert yesterday, of a virtual singer. Her name is Hatsune Miku, she is a singing synthesizer application with a female persona (according to Wikipedia). She performs her concerts using animated projections on this sheer screen, which is pretty awesome. What I am amazed more of is her fans. The entire place is packed and there were glow sticks everywhere. Before … Continue reading MikuPa