Hi! I’m Hsiao Wei Chen

(you can call me Michelle).

I am a game developer with more than 10 years experience in programming, design and production. I am a GameIndustry.biz 100 Future Talent, Xbox Women in Gaming Game Changer and IGDA Scholar.

I am the 7th Winner of Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women. I graduated with Distinction with a MSc in Video Game Enterprise and Production at Birmingham City University in the UK. I was nominated for Extra Mile Awards: Student of the Year, and also a Student Award winner at the European Women in Games Conference 2017.

I studied Psychology at University of Derby, and am a member of the British Psychological Society.

I am currently finishing a PhD in Design, developing video games about mental health at RMIT University in Australia. I have presented my research at different conferences such as Games for Change Festival, GCAP, Freeplay, ArtsIT, PAX Australia and ACMI.

I’ve also been very active during my time RMIT (you can find me on the university website homepage, not even joking), it’s easier to list the things I’ve done: 1. Student Ambassador, 2. Career Mentor, 3. Peer Mentor, 4. Mates Mentor, Online Engagement Representative and Kirrip Leader, 5. a member of the RMIT Academic Board, 6. RMIT Creative Art Squad, 7. batyr@RMIT Student Executive Leader and RMIT Wellbeing Champion, 8. How2RMIT and How2Melbourne Presenter.

I am also a Women in Games Ambassador and Making Space board member. I also volunteer at game industry events, and teach kids coding and robotics. In my spare time, I also join game jams and work on personal and freelance projects.

Nice to meet you!

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