Duck Army

Duck Army was supposed to be an entry for #indiesvsgamers, but the leaderboard wasn’t working and I had to tweak the physics a bit more and ran out of time. The theme was arcade, so I made a game based on a Timezone game called Ducky Splash. The goal of the game is to get as many ducks into the ENTER cave as possible. This … Continue reading Duck Army

The Predator

The Predator was made Global Game Jam 2015, with the theme: “What do we do now?” In our Game at first you play the role of a “Predator” the shark. You are quick, strong and agile. But then the “predator” becomes the “prey”. The Shark’s fin is taken away from it and thrown back into the ocean. Without it’s fin it can no longer properly … Continue reading The Predator

Depression Simulator

Depression Simulator is a point-and-click puzzle game, where players step into the shoes of someone living with depression, wherein even the most mundane task becomes a challenge. It was developed as part of my Masters by Practice for Video Game Enterprise and Production at Birmingham City University, UK. The game was developed through collaborative stories collected via HitRecord. (Link: Depression Simulator is also a … Continue reading Depression Simulator


MuniReality will be a space where people living with mental illness can freely share their stories without fear of judgement. In turn, these stories (which can be shared in the form of writings, drawings, videos, songs, or poetry…) will be transformed into games. The games will be built around and modified based on comments and contributions from the community. People can contribute characters, suitable music, … Continue reading MuniReality