Horn Stand Pro for iPhone4s/4*Perfect for turning your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 into a speakerphone.*No external power needed.*22db amplified.*Easily keep iPhone stands vertically and horizontally. *Functions well in hand free mode.*Additional opening reserved for charger. Please feel free to make any suggestions that you may have,it would be most appreciated. http://www.bonecollection.com/ Might as well share this new product that our company made πŸ™‚ By … Continue reading

Hi, so yeah, we made a game… πŸ™‚ for a penguin named Maru: (And his clones…) He’s actually a flash drive: Yes, his head is um… removable? But it’s all for a good cause! So anyway, app description: Maru Penguin is an adventurous game which combines the elements of action and intelligence. By pulling backward and forward the users can control the extent of jumping. … Continue reading

Hey guys, our company’s first app just got released on the appstore. It’s called Visual Travel Checklist, it’s basically a travel checklist app, what makes it different from other travel checklist apps, is that our is well, visual (hence the name, lol). And being visual and all, we have more than 250 tasks and items icons that you can add to your checklist, and if … Continue reading