Knowledge Translation of Lived Experiences of Depression and Anxiety through Video Games Co-creation

MENTAL Jam is a PhD research project, conducted at RMIT University, which is interested in understanding people’s experiences of depression and anxiety. People with lived experience of mental illness have used different artistic mediums to portray their stories as a form of self-expression and to raise community awareness. Video games offer interactive and immersive experiences that can inspire players to gain knowledge of the lived perspectives of others. The research project will provide a venue for young people with lived experience of depression and anxiety to share their stories, learn new game development skills and work together to develop video games through game jam workshops.



These games are co-created with young people with lived experience of depression and anxiety during game jam workshops over a period of 48 hours to a month.

Counter Attack Therapy

Meet Alex, a humanoid cat in their mid-20s who works full-time. One day, they encounter some trouble at work and fall into a hole of depression and anxiety. As a friend, you will help Alex escape the evil cycle and stand firm on their feet again.

Amour de Soi

Meet Raielle San, an anxious girl who is on a journey to self-love following a break-up from a toxic relationship. She has a tendency to overthink and be trapped in her own thoughts. She meets Pixie, a magical manifestation of her subconscience, who challenges her negative thoughts and offers some sage wisdom.

Life in Progress

Gamify your student life with this Life in Progress planner!

  • keep track of how you are feeling every day
  • manage your to do list with a progress bar
  • take a moment to breathe


Face your own monsters and bring color back to your world!

Mental Health Services and Helplines (Australia)

Lifeline 13 11 14
Suicideline 1300 651 251
Suicide Call Back Service1300 659 467
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Helpline1300 269 438 or 9886 9377
Kids Helpline (5 to 25-year-olds)1800 551 800

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