Game Jams

I am an avid game jammer and I participate in both online jams and physical jams with teams. With game jams, I am mainly a programmer and everyone in the team contribute to the game design and pitch in with art and sound effects.

Given the short timeline, it also allows us to be more creative. For example, for one of our games, The Predator, we decided to make all of our art assets out of origami. For this game, I also voiced the shark and recorded some real life sound effects, such as water flowing in the faucet. For another game, Dog Days, our artist wasn’t available on some days of the game jam, so I drew most of the art assets and animations in Flash.

I think developing games in game jams allow for more experimentation and creativity, because it is as hobby and in a less formal setting. However, because of its short timeline, it is important to prioritize tasks and allocate them among members of the team.

Postcard Memento

Programming and game design

A collaboration with Helen Kwok, Yi-Ling Ng & Andrew J Ryan.

An AR/ARG game about uncovering memories from a lost postcard. 

The year is 2030. You find a postcard dated from 2020, hand-made from one lover to another. Using your special ‘memory camera’, you scan the lost postcard to reveal its embedded memories. One final puzzle remains: where is the *secret location* that the lovers were going to meet?Inspired by the Griffin and Sabine book series by Nick Bantock, Postcard Memento is a short, intimate and personal game about the power of memories and time. A love letter to Melbourne after lockdown.

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Pumpkin Player


A collaboration with Luci Holland, a wonderful musician who I previously collaborated with.

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Programming and game design

Beatweavers was developed as part of Rising Sea Game Jam.

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Sink /Swim

Programming, game design and art

Sink / Swim was developed as part of Games Aid Mental Health Jam.


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Programming, game design and art

Kintsugi was made during Global Game Jam 2020 with the theme “Repair”.


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The Predator

Programming, game design, additional art and sound effects


The Predator was developed for Global Game Jam 2015, with the theme: “What do we do now?”

Fist of Furry

Programming, game design and sound effects

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.07.37 PM

Fist of Furry is an entry for #indiesvspewdiepie. It is a sumo wrestling game starring two furry pandas.


The Eternal Servitude of the Planet Butcher and Jerome

Programming and game design

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.00.45 PM

The Eternal Servitude of the Planet Butcher and Jerome is an Indie Speed Run entry.

Bob the Planet Butcher “accidentally” unleashed a deadly virus into the universe. He has pledged his trusty cleaver, Jerome, in eternal servitude to eliminate this threat, and to protect the universe and all of man and alien kind.

From Strawberry

Programming, game design and additional art


From Strawberry is an Indie Speed Run entry. It is a story-based puzzle game, set in letters and curios.

Dog Days

Programming, game design and art

Dog Days was developed for Global Game Jam 2016, with the theme “Ritual”.


Duck Army

Programming and game design

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.04.38 PM

Duck Army was developed for #indiesvsgamers. The theme of the game jam is arcade, so the game is based on a Timezone game called Ducky Splash.