MuniReality will be a space where people living with mental illness can freely share their stories without fear of judgment. In turn, these stories (which can be shared in the form of writings, drawings, videos, songs, or poetry…) will be transformed into games.


The games will be built around and modified based on comments and contributions from the community. People can contribute characters, suitable music, background noise, items, pictures, voices, and other parts to complete a game.

The games will be designed to visually emulate the mood and inner struggles of the people sharing them. The tone and feel of each game will be a case to case basis, but it might generally have a gloomy atmosphere as it will be a visual representation of what it feels like to be living with a mental condition. Each game might revolve around a certain type of mental illness or have overlapping conditions as the mind is not defined in clean cut categories.

We aim to make one game each month but it might take longer depending on the specific storyline or gameplay. We hope to keep making as much of the games as people are willing to contribute in the community.

We want the games to be a highly collaborative process where everyone can be a part of. All contributors per game will be properly credited and we will have a revenue sharing system in place if the games become profitable. The games will be monetized through the “Pay-what-you-want” model so that it can be freely shared and be accessible to everyone.

This way, more people will become aware of mental illness as a disease that can be treated and perhaps the stigma around it can be lessened. We hope to encourage people to share their stories, realize they are not alone, and fight on.