Talks and Publications

Yes! I finally have enough of these to warrant it’s own page! (also since most of the conferences were online these past 2 years, they’re available on YouTube!)

Also including events and workshops here as well.

Mini Melbourne at the Immigration Museum

Museums Victoria Culture Makers Season 1

‘Mini Melbourne’ workshops invite you to co-create a video game, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our city and the common threads that connect us all.

Your creation becomes a playable character in a virtual recreation of Melbourne, and this collaborative artwork will be available for all museum visitors to play following the 2-day program of workshops.

Coming soon to the Immigration Museum, June 2023


ACMI + RMIT Audience Lab: May Expo 2023


Generation Women November 2022

PAX Australia 2022

Big Anxiety Festival 2022


EAI ArtsIT 2021

Book Chapter

Chen HW., Duckworth J., Kokanovic R. (2022) Mental Jam: A Pilot Study of Video Game Co-creation for Individuals with Lived Experiences of Depression and Anxiety. In: Wölfel M., Bernhardt J., Thiel S. (eds) ArtsIT, Interactivity and Game Creation. ArtsIT 2021. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, vol 422. Springer, Cham.


GCAP 2021

Games for Change APAC 2021


Freeplay 2021

RMIT Creative Wellbeing Festival

The Creative Wellbeing Program invites talented RMIT students to produce fun, playful, colourful and interactive wellbeing activities and artworks – each designed to take take the viewer’s mind off study for a moment, and help them destress and think more deeply about their wellbeing.


Freeplay 2020

Africacomicade 2020