I have been a game developer for more than 10 years with experience in programming, game design, production, art and some sound design. Throughout the years, I worked on multiple projects ranging from personal projects to game jams to work.

Le Petit Prince x Mixed Reality

Le Petit Prince x Mixed Reality, an escape the room game that combines AR, VR with handcrafted environment made from cardboard.

Game Jams

I love joining Game Jams, because it gives me an opportunity to contribute to game design, art and sound. It also gives me the opportunity to experiment and be creative.


I worked as a game programmer at different companies, including Mattel and Orangenose Studios. I also accept freelance projects.

Depression Simulator

Depression Simulator is a point-and-click puzzle game, where players step into the shoes of someone living with depression, wherein even the most mundane task becomes a challenge.


MuniReality will be a space where people living with mental illness can freely share their stories without fear of judgment. In turn, these stories (which can be shared in the form of writings, drawings, videos, songs, or poetry…) will be transformed into games.

Let’s build something together.