I have been a game developer for more than 10 years with experience in programming, game design, production, art and some sound design. Throughout the years, I worked on multiple projects ranging from personal projects to game jams to work.

Game Jams

I am an avid game jammer and I participate in both online jams and physical jams with teams. With game jams, I am mainly a programmer and everyone in the team contribute to the game design and pitch in with art and sound effects.
Given the short timeline, it also allows us to be more creative. For example, for one of our games, The Predator, we decided to make all of our art assets out of origami. For this game, I also voiced the shark and recorded some real life sound effects, such as water flowing in the faucet.

For another game, Dog Days, our artist wasn’t available on some days of the game jam, so I drew most of the art assets and animations in Flash.

I think developing games in game jams allow for more experimentation and creativity, because it is as hobby and in a less formal setting. However, because of its short timeline, it is important to prioritize tasks and allocate them among members of the team.

The Predator

Programming, game design, additional art and sound effects


The Predator was developed for Global Game Jam 2015, with the theme: “What do we do now?”

Fist of Furry

Programming, game design and sound effects

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.07.37 PM

Fist of Furry is an entry for #indiesvspewdiepie. It is a sumo wrestling game starring two furry pandas.


The Eternal Servitude of the Planet Butcher and Jerome

Programming and game design

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.00.45 PM

The Eternal Servitude of the Planet Butcher and Jerome is an Indie Speed Run entry.

Bob the Planet Butcher “accidentally” unleashed a deadly virus into the universe. He has pledged his trusty cleaver, Jerome, in eternal servitude to eliminate this threat, and to protect the universe and all of man and alien kind.

From Strawberry

Programming, game design and additional art


From Strawberry is an Indie Speed Run entry. It is a story-based puzzle game, set in letters and curios.

Dog Days

Programming, game design and art

Dog Days was developed for Global Game Jam 2016, with the theme “Ritual”.


Duck Army

Programming and game design

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.04.38 PM

Duck Army was developed for #indiesvsgamers. The theme of the game jam is arcade, so the game is based on a Timezone game called Ducky Splash.



Working as a programmer, I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of games and apps.

Working in companies, allowed me to work with people from different disciplines and other programmers, and work in a structured setting.

Mattel (formerly Fuhu, Inc.)

At Mattel (formerly Fuhu, Inc.), one of my projects was Nabi Compete, a fitness band and companion app for kids. Working on this project I also liaised with our third party hardware manufacturer.

Nabi Compete


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.12.50 PM.png

Nabi Compete is a fitness band with companion app for children.

Nabi Apps


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.13.08 PM

Weather, Clock and Stopwatch are apps for the Nabi tablet

Orangenose Studio

At Orangenose Studio, I designed and developed mobile games, such as Toughest Game Ever 2, and I also developed the framework most games in the company ran on, which included integrations for ads, monetization and social sharing.


Toughest Game Ever 2


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.13.19 PM.png

Toughest Game Ever 2 is packed with over 30 intense mini games that will challenge your speed and wits. This time around you can even customize your own character, and watch yourself smash cockroaches, dance, and basically do anything as extreme as possible.

Hardest Game Ever 2


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.13.33 PM.png

Hardest Game Ever 2 is a series of fun and exciting mini-game that measures your reaction time to the milliseconds and pixels!

The game ranked #1 (Overall) in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia etc. and has more than 10 million downloads.

Fruitshop International Co. (Bone Collection)

At Fruitshop International Co. (Bone Collection), which isn’t a tech company, rather a design company, I was part of an in house advergaming team, where I developed mobile games and apps based on the company’s mascot, Maru Penguin.


Maru’s Adventure


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.13.50 PM

Maru’s Adventure is an adventure game that features Bone Collection’s mascot Maru Penguin and Taiwan’s famous landmarks and food.

Maru Comics


Maru Comics is a photo app with a wide selection of stickers of Bone Collection’s mascot, Maru Penguin.

Even more Maru Games


And many more… coming soon.