Le Petit Prince x Mixed Reality

Le Petit Prince x Mixed Reality, an escape the room game that combines AR, VR with handcrafted environment made from cardboard.

The game was exhibited during Maker’s Faire at National Taiwan Science Education Center and Digital Taipei at World Trade Center, and it was also a finalist in Taiwan’s Digital 4C Competition.

For this project I worked with my sisters, who are both artists. The game was developed in Unity with Vuforia, while the physical cardboard props and art were handcrafted and hand drawn. For this project, I was the sole programmer while my sisters and I all worked on the game design, art and props. During the game sessions, I also served as the game’s moderator dressed as a character from the game.

As the project was developed through experimentation and as a personal project, the game design was very iterative and production timeline was very loose.

The game combined aspects of real life escape rooms with AR and VR using Google Cardboard, which was relatively new at the time, with that came unique challenges. An example, real life escape rooms have a moderator that guides the players in case they get stuck on a puzzle, but for our game the players are wearing Google Cardboard and can see things that the moderator doesn’t. In order to resolve this, when AR markers are activated or VR scenes are triggered, sound effects are played to provide cues for both the player and the moderator.

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