Toptal Scholarships for Women

Toptal recently announced their new scholarship scheme for women. This time around they opened it up to all women, and not just in Tech, which is awesome.

Apply here:





What I like about this scholarship is it allows you to do what you want- you can use it to start your own company or to go back to school.

I was awarded a scholarship from them before, and it really helped me pursue my Masters degree. It’s been a year and looking back at what I said I wanted to do with the scholarship, and what I have been able to accomplish, I think I ticked most of my boxes (the gaming incubator is further in the future though). But my journey isn’t over yet ;


I am very grateful for the opportunity, and I encouraged you guys to apply for it too.

Apply here:

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  1. I am thinking of applying for the Toptal Scholarship. Please do share any tips for the blog, we are supposed to write for the application process.
    Are there any other such scholarships available for girls in tech in India.

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