I made a game for #GGJ2021

Another year, another Global Game Jam, but this time it’s online and I had a chance to collaborate with Helen Kwok and some wonderful musicians, Yi-Ling Ng and Andrew J Ryan.

✨ POSTCARD MEMENTO ✨ – by Helen Kwok, Michelle Chen, Yi-Ling Ng & Andrew J Ryan

An AR/ARG game about uncovering memories from a lost postcard. πŸ“£

GGJ page: https://globalgamejam.org/2021/games/postcard-memento-3πŸ“½

Video: https://youtu.be/3tHGLEWAW-Y

The year is 2030. You find a postcard dated from 2020, hand-made from one lover to another. Using your special ‘memory camera’, you scan the lost postcard to reveal its embedded memories. One final puzzle remains: where is the *secret location* that the lovers were going to meet?Inspired by the Griffin and Sabine book series by Nick Bantock, Postcard Memento is a short, intimate and personal game about the power of memories and time. A love letter to Melbourne after lockdown.❀

Found objects collected:

🌳 Pine cone – Flagstaff Gardens

🌸 Flower – Royal Botantical Gardens

🐚 Shell – South Melbourne Beach

🦜 Feather – State Library Victoria

πŸƒ White leaf – RMIT University

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