TGS (Taipei not Tokyo, Game Show)

So I went to my first Taipei Game Show today. Since my boss gave us tickets, my team mates and I decided to check it out.

The first sign I saw, is that they have this game companies recruitment thing in one of the halls. Since I arrived earlier than my team mates, I went to check that part out. It was crowded with gamers who dreams of making their own games, so I couldn’t really get in, and since I already have a job making games, I didn’t want to make the effort of squeezing in.

When I met up with my team mates, we all sort of came to the same conclusion: the convention looks really crowded and we are too scared to go in.

But we did, eventually (after a long lunch around 2 minutes away from the convention hall to avoid the crowd).

A giant PS Vita.

The crowd >.<

Street Fighter vs Tekken. When I actually play Tekken, I button mash, but still manage to win (sometimes).

XBox 360 and Kinect. We spent a lot of time there, because they were demoing Raving Rabbids, and I love those Rabbids.

Show girls. The convention has a lot of them. I am a little irked by the presence show girls, (maybe because I’m a girl and I don’t like how it portrays women). This show girl actually wore the most clothes. Most of the other show girls are dressed in really revealing outfits.

A section that’s strictly for 18 and above? They actually check your ID at the entrance! I took a peak and I saw Resident Evil and some other games. I guess killing zombies is quite violent for children.

Final Fantasy XIII-2. I finally admitted to my team mates that I’m a cosplayer, and that my next planned cosplay is well Lightning. That’s all because they killed my previous cosplay character Fang in the previous game!

Uncharted 3. My previous previous company, is an art outsourcing company in the Philippines and one of their biggest projects was Uncharted 2 and 3, so I would always feel a little attachment to that game. Also we saw this cute little boy playing the game in front of the big poster. I asked him what game he was playing and if it was fun, and my team mates said I was bothering his game :)).

I only have one word for TGS: crowded. Way to crowded, and it was hard to walk around the convention hall and see anything properly (or maybe it’s because I’m too short)! It is an experience that I would not care to repeat.

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