Cosplay compilation

So my little sister made me compile all my cosplays, turns out I don’t have that much.

My first ever cosplay was Chii. My friend made me do it, since she and her sister did Kotoko and Sumomo.

I then did another Chii, because I love her purple dress.

And since I already have the blond wig, I might as well do a Misa. This was uber spontaneous, so I just wore stuff from my closet.

I also did Lal Mirch from Hit Man Reborn! I also made a stuffie of Colonello.

And then there’s Stella from the not yet released Final Fantasy XIII Versus. With my little sister’s friend as Noctis. I made my first sword – Stella’s rapier, while my sissies made Noctis’ sword.

I did Fang from Final Fantasy XIII, while my little sister did Vanille.

My little sister had a photography project, and she decided to document cosplay, so she couldn’t wear the costume, so she made me wear it. Gwendolyn from Odin’s Sphere.

And my most recent one, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2, my first full armor costume.

And that’s it… so far…

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