So I went to a concert yesterday, of a virtual singer.

Her name is Hatsune Miku, she is a singing synthesizer application with a female persona (according to Wikipedia).

She performs her concerts using animated projections on this sheer screen, which is pretty awesome.

What I am amazed more of is her fans. The entire place is packed and there were glow sticks everywhere. Before the concert even started everyone was chanting “Miku, Miku”, as if she’s a real person waiting backstage.

See this little blur? This is her, when she appears.

The photo is just a little blurred. Because, even though I’m really short and can only afford tickets in the last section, I can still see her pretty clearly.

It was quite a fun concert, because everyone was waving their glowing sticks and singing along.

I found some videos on YouTube of her MikuPa concert in Singapore:

Oh and my favorite, Kagamine Len:

I just love Len, he is adorable. I can rewatch this all day.

It was overall a fun experience.

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