Making Videos and Losing Competitions

Since the Chinese New Year break this year was way too short, we decided to just stay in Taipei.

And since we stumbled upon a few video competitions, we figured, why not.

One was for Toppo (it’s like Pocky, but the chocolate is on the inside). The brief was to come up with creative ways to eat Toppo.

My sister got the idea of using Toppo (which is stick-like) as the stick of cotton candy, so I got on PCHome and found a cotton candy machine- it was cherry red and adorable. We also went to a baking supply store to get some chocolate lollipop molds (going along with the Toppo is a stick theme). And of course, buy way too much Toppo.

And we came up with this:

And please forgive me, Shingeki no Kyojin style eating (I ate like a giant munching on innocent people).

And my lil sis’ friend told her about the elimination round for Young Lions Competition Taiwan (it’s an advertising competition). And we also figured, why not.

The brief is to make a campaign to promote throwing used tissue in the toilet (apparently, that’s not something the Taiwanese had been doing).

Anyway, we decided to tell a story about a little poop, getting separated from his parents (because parents got flushed down, but he was stuck on a tissue and thrown in the trash can, okay, that just sounds really gross, pardon me).

My lil sis made an animation.

While I made a very simple Make it Rain style accompaniment game, that’s all about the player throwing used tissue into the toilet.




We also decided to try out Advertising on Facebook with a measly budget, and we learned that Video Ads are the cheapest and most efficient. While App Ads, given our measly budget, literally got us nowhere.

Well, that’s it. Like the title says, we didn’t win any of the competitions we joined. But that’s okay, at least we had fun (cotton candy machine is the best!) and learned something.

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