Gamer Camp so far…

I have been in the UK for the past six months, attending Gamer Camp: Biz (officially it’s called MSc Video Game Enterprises and Production) at Birmingham City University.

I am starting Module 4 recently, I’ll just give a brief summary of what I’ve been doing each Module.


First day in we were assigned teams and roles, and I was assigned as a producer. We were given a game  brief and tasked to create a platformer tablet game (with a set art style, our team picked Adventure Time) over the course of two modules.

Unity Game

We were also taught how to use Unity (although I already knew Unity), and we were tasked to create Unity games to prove the mechanics for our tablet games.

Our team started out with an idea for a stealth game, so I made these little guys:


But then, we scrapped that idea and went in a totally different direction, and I made this guy:

The totally different direction we went for, was a platformer wherein every level is a boss fight, with the razer statement: “If Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus had a baby…”

I also made 90% of the art assets for this game.

3D Assets

We were also taught Maya, which I actually had no prior experience on (I’m a 3ds Max person), so that was quite challenging. We were then tasked to create 2 3D versions of assets from the Unity game.

And I embarrassingly made these (a sword and a character):

XX+ Game Jam

In between school, I also attended/volunteered at my first ever all-female game jam, called XX+ Game Jam. It was hosted at Arch Creatives in Leamington Spa.


As a team of 10, with 3 programmers, 3 artists, 3 designers and 1 producer (me), we were tasked to create platformer tablet game and we made “Boss Fighter”.


We started working on our PS4 project. For the R&D phase, I was assigned as producer and liason for the programming team. I also served as scrum master for their sprints.

We were also tasked to come up with a company prospectus for a multiple screen strategy game. We worked in teams of 2, and my partner and I came up with a company called Evoloot Studios and we are designed an RPG IRL (in real life), called “Xtreme Loot Quest”.

Global Game Jam

I also attended Global Game Jam hosted at our university. The theme for this year is waves, and my team and I went for the funny route, with a pirate themed tower defense game, called “King Booty”.

I made these guys for the game (we followed a Gravity Falls art style):




And here am I in Module 4…

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