Who am I?

Intro to Social Psychology Unit 2: Social Cognition and Interactivity End of Unit Activity

Write 10 to 15 responses to the question: “Who am I?”

  1. I am single
  2. I am in my 30s
  3. I am unemployed
  4. I am a student
  5. I am Asian
  6. I am a girl, but I think people are not binary
  7. I am ambitious
  8. I am passionate
  9. I am resilient
  10. I can be unhinged
  11. I am a game developer
  12. I am a programmer
  13. I am flexible – I’m not set on permanent plans, and I have a lot of backup plans
  14. I can be lazy
  15. I am vain and conscious about my public image

Code your responses by counting how many fit into each of the following three categories:

  1. physical descriptions of self – 3
  2. social descriptions of self – 5
  3. psychological descriptions of self – 7

My conception of myself is based on psychological descriptions of self, or how I feel or perceive myself to be. I think I am least concerned with the “looking glass self” and physical descriptions of myself, because as a minority (Asian female), there are no advantages and only disadvantages, so I maybe don’t like to emphasize on that. For example, when applying for a job, I’d prefer if the employer judged me based on my abilities and my qualities over how I look like. I think that psychological descriptions of myself are the ones that I can control and that I can change if they are unfavorable. While, I can’t control how I look or how people think of me.

I think my answer might change a little depending on my environment. Because I mentioned that I am quite vain and I still care about how people perceive me. Also growing up traditional Asian, for example, my sexuality is something I might not be as open with. I forgot to mention that I am Christian, if I were answering this in my community or with my religious friends, then I would definitely remember to write that.

I also think that I am different person when I’m with different people. I am an introvert (I also forgot to list that) and can be awkward in social situations. But maybe because I am answering this question on my computer and my introversion wouldn’t be obvious, so I forgot to list it.

Descriptions like lazy and unhinged, I would only write for myself. Because I know that I can be that way, and only my closest friends know that, but most of the general public don’t think that about me, I think.

Also I’m probably not going to post this on our Discussion Board either.

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