PhD Year End Review (2022) + 2023 New Year’s Resolution

I feel like I have not updated this blog in months, the last post was in March 2022 and a lot of things happened since then, so I’ll give a quick overview with the help of some Instagram posts and my Trello Tada list ✨ to jog my memory.


Starting with another Mental Jam, we made Anyo, where you play as a caterpillar in a black and white world and you need to defeat monsters to bring color back to the world.

Play game here:

3rd Milestone Review

Passed my 3rd Milestone Review, currently writing and endlessly revising my final thesis.

Big Anxiety Festival

The games from Mental Jam was showcased at the RMIT First Site Gallery (online) as part of the Big Anxiety Festival.



Finally got a chance to do a face-to-face game jam, and we made another cat game!


Was invited to present a panel at PAX Together, where we talked about Mental Jam.

Generation Women

Shared my PhD Journey, representing Team 30s at Generation Women.

Random RMIT Things

If you go to the RMIT website, you will see a video of me (we walked many times for that shot 🤩).

I also modeled for the RMIT Campus Store, made a lot of random videos and Tiktoks for RMIT 🤣.


Student ambassador and PhD candidate Michelle show you the best spots to get your caffeine fix at our city campus! ☕️ #coffee #coffeeaddict #coffeetiktok #rmit #foodie #studytok

♬ Hello Gentle Breeze – Official Sound Studio

This years R U OK? Day theme ‘Ask R U OK? No qualifications needed’ reminds us that you don’t need to be an expert to ask R U OK? Simply listening and showing that you care can make a big difference. Remember, the conversations don’t end after today. Check in with your friends, family and colleagues regularly so they know they have your support if it’s needed. #mentalhealth #RUOKEveryday #RUOK #support #RUOKDay

♬ original sound – RMIT University

I also kept working for RMIT in various places, such as Kirrip, Creative, Wellbeing, How2RMIT and Student Ambassadors.


I also finally got to fly interstate and went to Brisbane for my birthday.

New Year Resolutions 2023

Now for the Resolutions part…

  1. Finish Thesis, become a Dr.
  2. Museums Victoria Culture Maker (I’m doing a project for the Immigration Museum!)
  3. Travel and finish visiting all the Australia states (only WA and NT left)
  4. Learn to drive

And that’s it, and also like get a job and save money for home deposit, apply for PR.

I’m very excited but also very very nervous and anxious about the new year. But here I go 🙂

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