Hey guys, our company’s first app just got released on the appstore. It’s called Visual Travel Checklist, it’s basically a travel checklist app, what makes it different from other travel checklist apps, is that our is well, visual (hence the name, lol). And being visual and all, we have more than 250 tasks and items icons that you can add to your checklist, and if that’s still not enough for you, you can also add your own tasks and items, using your own pictures from your iPhone gallery. One way that I would use the custom items is, take a picture of all my shirts and shoes and add them to my list, so I can make sure that I pack my favorite tshirt.

Spiel from iTunes page:

Create your own reusable travel checklists and check off icons as you pack! All visually!

Mobili Studio presents Visual Track Checklist (VTC), a travel essential application that helps you pack and unpack for your trips. VTC provides an intuitive user interface with vibrant visuals. Who says packing has to be a bothersome and wordiness procedure? VTC redefines the packing process by functioning visually. With VTC, you will never forget anything for your time away from home!

•Intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface!
•Over 250+ tasks and items, all represented by its own unique icons!
•Check and uncheck tasks and items in the easy-to-view packing area!
•Customize up to 100 tasks and items that are not in the default database!
•Choose from 6 different themes that best suit your personal style!
•Create up to 5 different checklists that cater to your needs and reuse them over and over again!
•Create your own list from scratch or from the 4 pre-defined sample lists!
•Manage travel checklists for multiple trips!
•Sort items by categories, alphabetical orders, or by items that are unchecked/checked!
•Built-in visual tutorial!
•Supports Retina Display with high resolution graphics!
•iOS 4 compatible!

iTunes Links:



So check it out 🙂 We also have a lite version that you guys can try out 🙂 Thanks 🙂 Although I’d really appreciate it if you guys buy our app 🙂

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