Maker Faire Taipei 2013

Around February we went to a meetup for Taipei Hackerspace and Maker Faire at the Google offices in Taipei 101.

I have heard about Maker Faire before, but I didn’t know that Taipei had them. Actually they didn’t have them before, and this year is the first Maker Faire in Taipei. We really like the idea of Maker Faire because it’s really all about DIY and making things, because that’s kind of what we do. The organizers told us then that we can apply for a booth, so my sister did.

So we got ourselves a booth, and since it’s a DIY thing, my sister also signed up to teach a beading class.

Last Friday, we went to set up our booth.

Maker Faire took place in Huashan Creative Park, which used to be an old factory, so all the exhibition areas are like abandoned warehouses. it is quite charming.

The booth next to us was adorable.

They call themselves Shepherd and they make furniture out of wood and pipes.

And here’s ours:

We call ourselves House of Small Beauties and we make Flowers of No Purpose.

Our most popular item:

Our beaded QR code, it actually scans.

Our second most popular item, our sign made from bent wires, inspired by the Summer Paradise lyrics music video by Simple Plan and Taka from One OK Rock.

I made these:

My sister’s beading class:

This booth had kids sewing stuffies and other stuff the whole day.

The Maker Faire was more techy than artsy crafty.

There were apps:

Raspberry Pi:

Fruits that make music:


More robots:

Ok, a lot of robots. And they fight too! The Robocon RBL competition took place on the second day:

And during breaks, the other robots have unofficial matches, and it’s cute how they let the other little kids control their robots.

There was also an Open Source competition. And this guy made a Miku Desk Live. The projector’s under the table instead of on top.

And of course, there were a lot of 3D printers.

I already saw 3D printers before during the meetup, so I didn’t take pictures of the printers at Maker Faire anymore.

Overall, it was a fun fair. who knew robot fights can be so exciting.

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