Photo apps are now a dime a dozen, and Picmoji is one of them. Picmoji is a photo app that allows you to add stickers to your pictures.


The stickers that they offer are adorable, drawn in a thick outline style. Unfortunately, I’m
not sure where I’ll apply them. The sticker categories are quite random, like weather, gadgets, buildings or clothes.


It also has a store, where you can buy additional stickers. Food and pet stickers, anyone?


It’s lucky that I took Stitch out for laundry day and finally found where i can add the clothes stickers.

You can adjust the opacity, flip or change the colors of the stickers. of course, you can rotate and scale your stickers too. You ca add as many stickers as you want. you can also use the reset button to get rid of all of them.






And it has all the standard methods of sharing.


That’s it, Picmoji doesn’t offer much else. No filters, no text, or any photo editing abilities.

Overall, It’s an okay app, it just needs a bit more.

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