Making a new game, the brain farts

I dunno about you, but for me, I come up with game ideas in that time when I’m lying in bed and struggling to fall asleep. And then my brain would start farting of all the details and actually make it harder to fall asleep. And then when I wake up, I have to write all the brain farts down and hopefully make it make sense (mostly, it’s just a bullet point list of random ideas, some images and some videos).

I thought it would be fun to capture that moment in time, and share the progress of a new game slash app that I am working on.

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Apps I Downloaded in China

It’s April 1, which means it’s April Fools and I have spent a month in China (I can probably say that I’m officially moving to China and you won’t believe me. I’m not, so far).

China and its technology always gave me a Black Mirror vibe and I was quite excited to be immersed in it all. Here are just some of the apps that I downloaded while I’m here.

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Apps that can help with your mental health [Part 2]

This is a continuation of my post about apps that can help with your mental health. The first post focused more on peer to peer support apps, while this post will focus more on apps that provide tools that can help you manage some mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. Some of these apps have the peer to peer support element as well. 1. … Continue reading Apps that can help with your mental health [Part 2]

Apps that can help with your mental health [Part 1]

I haven’t written app feature or review posts in a while. Even though I use the term app, I will also include some websites.

I’ve been working on my own platform but I’m taking longer that I expected because of my own personal issues.

So in the mean time, here are some that are pretty great. There are two general types of apps, consumer apps that are based on peer to peer support, and apps aims to help you cope with mental illness and improve your overall well-being.

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Photo Caption Apps

Photo Caption Apps, apps that literally just put, well, captions or text on photos. I think it’s those emo/inspirational quotes all over Tumblr that inspired these text over photo meme(?) thing. So a seemingly simple purpose, actually has quite a few apps that are dedicated solely to it. I went to Beitou, Taiwan today and took a couple of pictures, and placed a couple of … Continue reading Photo Caption Apps

50K/30 Customer Reviews

Thank you, OnPluto πŸ™‚ for leaving a review for my app 50K/30 πŸ™‚ FYI Chasing word counts made easy: 50K/30 for iOS 50K/30 is a simple and concise iOS writing app with a prominently displayed word count, because we know (or at least for me) it’s all about the word count. 50K/30 is available for sale now at the App Store ( for $1.99. Feel … Continue reading 50K/30 Customer Reviews