Jelly Glutton

Jelly Glutton is your run-the-mill match-3 game, similar to Candy Crush Saga.


All you have to do is to make matches while fulfilling the objective to pass each level. Levels have different objectives, in some you
need to reach a certain number of points, in others clear jellies in the same fashion as Candy Crush, and in others you need to make specified matches a number of times.


What makes Jelly Glutton interesting for me is that there are planets that umbrellas the different levels.





Planets dictate the theme of the levels under it. The themes cover not only the background of each level, but the things that you will be matching.

So in some planets, you match fruits, others candies, ice creams, and cookies. For me, they all look delicious.


In fact, what keeps me going is curiosity, I want to see what delightful treats other planets bring.


Unfortunately, Jelly Glutton limits plays using lives in the same fashion as Candy Crush.


Jelly Glutton may not be the next Candy Crush, but it’s a yummy game to pass the time.

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