Making a Game Part 2: Prototyping

Actually, I’m not really sure if this is the second step. But since I’m trained by sleepless, adrenaline-rushed game jams, ( I think) I work relatively quickly. I also like actually creating things, instead of keep writing them down on paper. I mean, you never really know if an idea works until you actually coded it, and then play test.

And since Unity is so convenient, its very easy to flesh out ideas really quickly.

So, I have a few ideas of what the game could be, but before I decide on one, I kinda want to try out different things first.

Oh I also posted this project on HitRecord, looking for more ideas, input and voices, I suppose, on what depression feels like to other people. And one person wrote about the difficulty getting out of bed every morning. I also feel the same way (I finally woke up at 3pm today).

So I drew a picture of an alarm clock. Then I animated it in Flash.

AlarmClock AlarmClockSmall

Now, I’m going to translate that into Unity and add some game play elements, Warioware style. “Tap to Snooze” the alarm clock as fast as possible, guys.

Okay, if I go down this route, I’m actually more comfortable, because I make these type of things all the time. I already thought of a name for it: “Depression Simulator”. Also these type of types are actually more common in the mobile market.

Made something really quick. So at set intervals the alarm clock will ring and the player needs to Tap to Snooze.

I just thought that turning the same gameplay to a more traditional point and click actually only requires a change in perspective.

Now the question is, which will make more impact and drive the “message” home?

Or I can also do what “Lumino City” does, wherein you click on a puzzle and it changes to a different view to show the puzzle.

Image result for lumino city

Although that may work for actual puzzles, and not so much reaction games.

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