Making a Game Part 1 Iteration 10: Sound

I believe that sound and music are very important in enhancing the game.

While I’ve been working on this project, my YouTube has actually been autoplaying songs in the background, and one of the songs that just played is a cover of Hatsune Miku’s Rolling Girl in English. And a thought just occurred to me.


Hatsune Miku is a very interesting subculture. It all started with a music program. Then it just exploded. People write songs, make music videos and art works.

Random Side Note: I even attended a Hatsune Miku concert. It’s actually quite cool, because she was holographic projection, and the fans keep chanting her name as if she is a real person who can actually hear them.

Hatsune Miku, despite her cute persona, actually has some pretty dark songs, including Rolling Girl.

Okay, what are the copyright of Hatsune Miku. I need to look into it.


Okay, never mind.

Moving on to more sensible options…

To be continued…


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