I studied Psychology

I just received an email about the Confirmation of Award, which means that I have finished my University Certificate in Psychology!

That’s right, a game developer with a programming background, decided to study Psychology… at the University of Derby online.

This is a late post. I mentioned it briefly in my CV post, but I didn’t delve into each too much, because half way through the course, I was struggling.

Actually one of the last assessments I had for Research Methods and Analysis in Psychology, is to write a reflection about the course. While I enjoyed the lectures, I really struggled with the assessments. I had 5, all due at the same time for my last 2 modules.

But I think what I struggled the most with is when to stop reading, how to actually do a proper analysis, and why isn’t there just a right and wrong answer. Why am I asked for my opinion? How am I qualified to give an opinion?

Even though I was outside my comfort zone, I think I learned a lot, and I think it did prepare me for my current PhD studies, which is all about developing video games for mental health.

I also wrote a blog post about how it was like studying online: http://girlsandgetaways.com/uk-from-a-to-z-d-is-for-derby/

I think the take away here is, you are never too old to learn something new and although there might be struggles, if you persevere, I think it will all work itself out.

That’s it for now, until next time.

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