I’m doing a PhD! (it’s still in video games)

So it’s a PhD in Design at RMIT in Melbourne Australia, and my topic is “Developing Video Games for Mental Health”.

After I finished my Masters and having completed a game about depression, and having talked to the lovely people who contributed their stories to the game, I realized that I wanted to do more for mental health awareness.

I roped in some friends and we attempted a crowdfunding campaign to start a platform where people can share their stories and in turn we will transform them into video games. We called the platform MuniReality.

But while working on MuniReality, I realized because mental illness is such a delicate and sensitive topic, it wouldn’t be responsible to just put something out there. It needs to be ethical and I need to be culpable.

According to Jen Hyatt, CEO of Big White Wall:

“I have no tolerance for developers who try to avoid taking responsibility for the safety of people online. We have a responsibility to our users – it’s the only route to a good, rigorous resource.”

Source: http://www.impactventuresuk.com/press-releases-and-news/big-white-wall-one-of-four-nhs-apps-found-to-be-clinically-effective/

That’s why I decided to learn more about psychology, and I recently finished a University Certificate in Psychology from University of Derby. I won’t be able to actually study enough Psychology to be a clinical psychologists though. After all, I am a game developer.

So I decided to do a PhD.

I’m just starting so I don’t know where it’s going to go yet or what to expect. I’ll probably post a lot as I progress (since this blog is like my notebook except public and people can comment on it).

In the mean time, here is my Research Proposal:

And my Pre-Application Presentation:

Until next time!

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