#GamesAidMHJam Game Design Notes

​I am joining another game jam, Games Aid Mental Health Jam, with the theme “Mental Health”.

I though it would be fun to share my thought process and how I came up with the game design of my game.

Game Ideas?

Screaming controls






Being pulled down

Losing your voice

Wanting to cry

Smile / face – walking default face is sad, then need to operate smile as soon as encounter someone

  • Smile as close to the person
  • Rhythm game style
  • We are all happy

Or avoid people, side scroller- smile at people to destroy them

Deep Sea Girl

Story / poetry game? 

Calmly lying on the water, peaceful then suddenly drown / fall in

Scribble person on top of real video of water

Then change perspective to drowning

 binaural audio underwater

I might have videos from sony xperia of under water

Waves crashing and killing camera video lol 

TeamLab waves

Filters ahaha

Keep my head above the waves

Something is pulling you down

If you don’t move, you will keep sinking

Collect something will give you a boost

clear blue body of water
underwater photography of woman wearing white dress
woman swimming underwater

Combine particles, scribbly sketch and video backgrounds​

I just want to float away


I’m not okay 

  1.  I feel like drowning
  2. like this weight on my chest
  3. I feel this rush of emotions, like a tidal wave bringing me down
  4. its sudden, its doesn’t have to be triggered
  5. It just happens, like a tsunami
  6. I don’t know when to expect it
  7. but when it does, i just try to hold on
  8. you know when you are underwater, looking up and you see that light from the sun?
  9. just focus on that light
  10. eventually i will float back up

There is a sense of helplessness, like you cant control, but at the same time, you do. You can change your narrative, you can control at least learn to.

Have orchestra/ music that builds up based on the glowy thingies collected?

Change controls -> rotate instead of strafe

Hard to control on purpose

sometimes you need to sink to reach the glowy things

Sinking Ever Still


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