I made a game for Global Game Jam #GGJ2020 #MelbGGJ

It’s Global Game Jam time again, and this time I joined the Melbourne site.

It’s also my first time volunteering at a site- mostly I was helping out with registration and distributing food to 200+ jammers, also we had crepes (and pizzas, curry, baked potatoes, subs, yogurt and lots of fruit)!

The theme for this year’s jam is Repair and their theme reveal video had a short clip of Kintsugi (the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold), and I really liked that. It’s similar to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (embracing the flawed or imperfect) and mono no ware (an awareness of impermanence), it’s like embracing your flaws (the cracks in the ceramics) and making it beautiful (“all my scars are golden” – Gabrielle Aplin).

So I settled on that idea and ran with it. And I decided on a very simple mechanic and coded during my down time.

The game is now available on: purplelilgirl.itch.io/kintsugi.

Also this was my 4th Global Game Jam in my 3rd country. I missed out on joining in 2018 and 2019, because I was travelling (I was literally on a plane in 2018) and on a working holiday.

I also talked about my game on radio! ABC Radio National Life Matters! Hear me ramble about my game, my struggles as a female game programmer and my PhD (I’m pleasantly surprised they kept so much of my bit in).

Link: Making Computer Games for Good, and Occasionally Evil

Also hear me ramble a bit more on TV (this was actually shown on Aussie TV, Channel 31):

Until next year, GGJ.

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