I attended my first Freeplay Festival

Freeplay is an Independent Games Festival normally held in Melbourne, but this year it was online and free, and you can watch it on YouTube!

I was on a panel with other amazing Southeast Asian Game Developers, talking about our Rising Sea Game Jam (by the way, BeatWeavers is out!).

And another one with Making Space, which is a not-for-profit co-operative support organisation empowering minority and underrepresented people in game development and technology spaces to maintain an improved quality of life and facilitate the creation of their own diverse and interesting experiences.

I’m really happy to organise this round table, because the theme of the festival is “Belonging”, and somehow in that round table with people from all over the world, we all share the same experiences and struggles, and I really felt like I am where I belong.

If you have the chance, do check out all the other amazing talks and panels as well.

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