My first online game jam stream- Indie Speed Run 2012

I found videos from my first online game jam and Google Hangout stream (back when it was still alive). Indie Speed Run was the first game jam I ever joined. It was online, and I remember we had to pay to join. I collaborated with 2 artists and another programmer. We did the entire jam remotely, we just shared our screens and collaborated using Google Hangouts.

We actually streamed our entire game jam. It was more or less 48 hours, with breaks in between, where some of us attended Simbang Gabi (church at night during Christmas season in the Philippines) and I went out and bought boots (because winter). Apologies, we do code switch to Tagalog sometimes.

I just thought it would be fun to share this, ‘coz it’s interesting to see how an entire game development process plays out during 48 hours, from getting the theme of the jam, to ideation and programming, art and last minute bugs. I’m also hoping for my research project (where I’ll be conducting online game jams), my participants would also be encouraged to share streams of their work in progress.

And also, we were such babies back then. Also suffice to say, I have since caught the game jam bug and have participated in a few more game jams since (both online and in person). For the story of my first in person game jam, it’s actually in the Global Game Jam Anniversary book.

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