I pass my PhD 2nd Milestone! Also quick update ðŸŒŸ

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Since then, I passed my 2nd milestone! I’m officially in my 3rd year now, where did the time go. I feel like time passed by so fast, lockdown and all.

Since then, I also wrote a paper (still waiting to hear back), in the process of writing another paper. Interviewed 11 participants, lots of hours spent transcribing and analysing. Had 2 game jam workshops, each took about a month and we made 2 games!!

Links below 🔽🔽🔽



I’ll make another post about the new game we just released called “Amour de Soi”.

I recorded 3 talks for 3 conferences, two of them are happening during Melbourne International Games Week in October. Oh yah, one of the games I made “Sink/Swim” was a finalist for an award at Freeplay. I also gave a talk at Freeplay.

I’ve been slowly ploughing my way through writing up my thesis / milestone documents (28k words!).

I’m working on a commission for the 3rd game (got a little money for that 🤑).

I’ve been doing some random gigs for the university, like presenting orientation stuff, organising events, making videos.

Oh yah I forgot one really big one from CoC to now, is finally finishing my ethics application (I was struggling at that for like 2 months, also it was around Christmas and New Year time, where I wasn’t really in a good place mentally).

We’ve been in and out of lockdowns, currently still in one.

Although I did have 1 class on campus last semester, it was a Qualitative Research class and it was great. But yah, other than that, been mostly at home, online.

What else…? Oh yah I bought the purple clouds dress especially for my presentation. I mean, even though we are online, doesn’t mean I can’t dress up.

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