I presented Mental Jam at Games for Change Asia Pacific! (and GCAP)

And the second game from Mental Jam, Amour de Soi, was featured on ABC News!

Melbourne International Games Week was online this year (2021 is still in Melbourne lockdown…) but that’s actually an ok thing, so then I can attend and speak at two events back to back (also the talks were pre-recorded like a month ago).

I will post the talks here soon, when they post in on YouTube.

That’s it for now, I guess?


So… Games for Change APAC Journal is now available online! https://kilthub.cmu.edu/articles/book/Games_for_Change_Asia-Pacific_Journal/16892077

Here is my talk for Games for Change APAC:

My talk for GCAP is also now available!

Also for some reason my blog was down for a few days, I got nervous that I’ll lose everything… but good thing, it got recovered… sighs… deep breath.

So that’s it for now…

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