“New Year, New You” with Apps

New year… new year resolutions… My goal for this year is to lose my chubby tummy! So far I’m trying (desperately trying, seemingly failing) a low carb diet, exercise… And I downloaded a bunch of Apps: So far, I’ve tried to “work out” using Seven and lolo’s Easy Abs. Seven Although Seven only comes with 12 free Full Body exercises, which includes push ups and … Continue reading “New Year, New You” with Apps

Photo Caption Apps

Photo Caption Apps, apps that literally just put, well, captions or text on photos. I think it’s those emo/inspirational quotes all over Tumblr that inspired these text over photo meme(?) thing. So a seemingly simple purpose, actually has quite a few apps that are dedicated solely to it. I went to Beitou, Taiwan today and took a couple of pictures, and placed a couple of … Continue reading Photo Caption Apps