I’m the 7th Toptal Scholarship Winner! #humblebrag

Reblog from Toptal’s Press Release: San Francisco, CA, May 31, 2016 — On October 21, Toptal launched Toptal STEM Scholarships for Women, a program designed to empower and support the next generation of female computer scientists, software engineers, and developers through a combination of financial support and mentorship. Today, we are thrilled to announce the seventh winner of the scholarship, Hsiao Wei Chen, a game … Continue reading I’m the 7th Toptal Scholarship Winner! #humblebrag

Photo Caption Apps

Photo Caption Apps, apps that literally just put, well, captions or text on photos. I think it’s those emo/inspirational quotes all over Tumblr that inspired these text over photo meme(?) thing. So a seemingly simple purpose, actually has quite a few apps that are dedicated solely to it. I went to Beitou, Taiwan today and took a couple of pictures, and placed a couple of … Continue reading Photo Caption Apps