Making that Talking App!

So you know Talking Tom, you know, the cat on the iPhone that you can tickle, hit, and repeats your voice in this squeaky voice? And his friends…

So I wrote a series of tutorials months ago about how to make your own Talking app.

Check out the tutorial series:

And a couple of people have asked me for the sample project. Particularly about how Dirac. Since my previous project was work related, I obviously can’t give them that, so I sat down today, and whipped up a really simple sample project, which you guys can just copy the Dirac setup off.

It includes all the stuff mentioned in the tutorials, such as how to record the player’s voice, how to monitor when the player is talking and when the player stopped talking, and how to process the recorded audio using Dirac and play it.

Here’s a screenie of the project:

No, it doesn’t have a fluffy animal, and when you test it out, you’d find out that it doesn’t even talk like a chipmunk. Whoever can guess why, gets a, I don’t know, virtual pat on the head? 

To make it sound like a chipmunk, just adjust the pitch (the value is from 0-2, 0 being like really low voice, and 2 being well, chipmunky).

Link to the project:

I’m providing the project as is, oh, and I only got to test on my Macbook Pro, because i don’t actually own a iOS device. So please test it for me? 

For questions, comments, and answer to why there is a red bowtie, just tweet, email of Facebook me, info is on my sidebar.

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According to ManiacDev:

You may also need to tweak the threshold parameter in to get the recording working properly due to differences between the simulator and different iOS devices.

Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

He also mentioned:

Overall a pretty cool and useful audio effect. While you might have interest in building a Talking Tom app there are many other uses for this – such as changing the tempo of a song, or the key to make it easier to play or speeding up boring instructional audios without making the speaker sound like a chipmunk.

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