Hi, so yeah, we made a game… 🙂 for a penguin named Maru:

(And his clones…)

He’s actually a flash drive:

Yes, his head is um… removable? But it’s all for a good cause!

So anyway, app description:

Maru Penguin is an adventurous game which combines the elements of action and intelligence. By pulling backward and forward the users can control the extent of jumping. Lots of hidden props can be found in different chapters to help the Maru Penguin to achieve his mission. The cartoon style, the well-known capitals as the main scene of the game and the cute background music creates a delightful atmosphere while playing.

Maru Penguin是一款動作結合益智的冒險遊戲,遊戲操作相當容易,玩家利用指頭觸控畫面中的Maru Penguin,往後拉動控制Maru Penguin的跳躍弧度,關卡中埋藏著各種道具,使Maru Penguin更能輕易地到達終點。遊戲畫面為可愛卡通風格,同時結合亞洲著名城市做為遊戲關卡背景,搭配活潑生動的背景音樂,使玩家能
Maru Penguin一同在全球各大城市展開冒險。

Use of well-known cities as the stage of the game.
Abundant choices of props
Adorable characters
3D environments
Simple instruction is easy for users to get familiar with.
Suitable for user of all ages.

– 以全球著名城市作為關卡主題。
– 豐富的道具供玩家使用。
– 企鵝肢體活潑逗趣。
– 遊戲以3D展現,畫面精緻度高。
– 操作模式簡易明瞭,操作門檻低。
– 適合0-99歲的各種玩家。

Story background
The global warming has put the Maru Penguin at steak and he has faced the risk of food shortage. With moving his finger the player can aid the penguin to conquer all the obstacles during journey.

由於全球氣候暖化,企鵝Maru面臨嚴重的糧食危機,他行遍五大洲只為了找到美味的小魚兒。玩家利用一指神功左右滑動,協助不會飛的Maru 跳躍障礙,成功填飽肚皮!!

And screenies…

And… *cue link*…

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/maru-penguin/id521096937?mt=8

Download, please and thank you? 🙂

*sorry Twitter followers for repeat posts*

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