Making 50K/30 iOS App and Other Random Things

A development told using Instagram photos (because everything looks better with filters).

First of all, what is 50K/30? Read my pitch?

Chasing word counts made easy: 50K/30 for iOSAre you writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? Then 50K/30 is the app for you. (Did I sound like a telemarketer just now?)

50K/30 is a simple and concise iOS writing app with a prominently displayed word count, because we know (or at least for me) it’s all about the word count.

– it has a simple and clean interface
– it autosaves (so no need to worry about losing your precious words)
– it has a email feature that allows you to send your novel to yourself
– okay, some nonsense, because who doesn’t love themes (well, I like themes, because I’m girly like that)
– you can pick your own font. Are you a Helvetica or a Times New Roman? While you’re at it, might as well change the font size
– are you a glass half full or a glass half empty? counting the the number of words so far, or counting the words left?
– and sometimes, you just want to write carelessly and turn autocorrect off

50K/30 is available for sale now at the App Store ( for $1.99.

Feel free to contact me for promo codes, questions, comments, suggestions and random ramblings.

Second, how did it all begin?

I have been a NaNoWriMo writer for 4 years now.

What is NaNoWriMo? You ask?

NaNoWriMo aka National Novel Writing Month aka insanely writing a 50,000 (that’s 4 zeroes, 50 thousand, 50K) in 30 days (yes, only a month and it’s not even one of those long months, it’s a short 30 day month, November, to be more exact).

And since I am quite obsessed about the word count, I want a writing app that like shows me my word count, like all the time. I used to write using Open Office and before that Microsoft One Note, and those software, I’d have to like click at least 3 buttons or something before I can see the word count.

So yeah, I want an app with a prominently displayed word count. And since iOS app developer and all, I decided to “write” one.

I thought of all this while waiting for my friends for our Friday night dinner slash tea party at a place called Dazzling Cafe. (And the Instagram photos begin…)

Third, and then …?

After going home around midnight (Cinderella), I sat in front of my computer and started typing, typing and some more typing.

What inspired me to get started on it, like right away, is because one of my friends, Gina, participated in a 2 day game jam and she finished her game like all by herself. This game:

It’s about punching holes in donuts. Because their theme was Unity (the game engine) primitives, and she asked for our suggestions on Twitter, and we said: torus, donuts!

And that sort of inspired me to do good.

And so XCode and some geeky coding photos:

And after a long while (I saw the sun rise, and heard birds chirping), I have these:

My little sister picked out the theme colors, while I got the icons from Some Random Dude (, I’m serious, he really calls himself Some Random Dude, and he make open source icons licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0. 

Lorem Ipsum is by Cupcake Ipsum (

The next day, instead of submitting my app like immediately, I had to go to Yongle Market to buy some trinkets for my little sister. Yongle market also sells fabrics, and while browsing I cam across these:

Hello Kitty fabrics- the cutest things.

And after some more browsing:

Look! It’s my color scheme, in leatherette!

Yongle Market is next to Dadaocheng Wharf, so we decided to go there to watch the sunset (might as well, since I already saw the sunrise).


And after that it’s laundry.

I’m so tired.

And then we got home and I finally submitted 50K/30 to the App Store. All I can do now is wait.

And while I waited, we took a train to get out of the city and technology (iPhone and Instagram, not counted). We went to Neiwan, Hsinchu.

And enjoyed nature- ish.

I didn’t do anything from Monday until Friday. Well, okay, I did work, but that’s like programming for some other work related apps.

On Saturday, we went house hunting, because our lease is up and we like moving. We found a pretty little loft type.

On Sunday, I begged my little sister to wake up early with me, so we can film a demo video for 50K/30. It has to be early because the sun looks prettier then.

Our little set up- Canon DSLR and a table lamp.

After that we went to Huashan Creative Park for dinner and looked at some interactive art installations.

Like this one, you’re supposed to touch the lighted green button with the body parted that has been dictated. For example touch that lower left (right? I get confused) with your ankle.

And then it’s another week of waiting.

After 10 days, waiting for review, 50K/30 is approved!

It’s available for download at the App Store (

And then Friday night dinner slash dessert at Hello Kitty Sweets.

Massacred pink Hello Kitty head cake.

And then we (by we, I mean my little sister) start editing the demo video:

While I write a pitch document, this blog post and some email drafts.

It’s 4AM ish now, and little sis is almost done editing.

I will post the video soon.

In other news, NaNoWriMo starts in 4 days. And my NaNo novel this year is titled, “The Nine Lives of Hello Kitty”. It’s going to be a novel inspired by the book “Hello Kitty Must Die” and the concept of the movie “Dreams of a Life”, and accompanying game “Dreams of Your Life”.

So far that’s it.

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