Unity 3D Game Development by Example Video Review

Unity 3D Game Development by Example is a Video lecture by Adam Maxwell (Packt has videos now, apparently).

It has 8 sections, each around 20 minutes, which covers the basics of Unity 3D game engine.

The author or narrator explains everything from the very basic things, such as how Unity’s user interface looks like, where to find everything, to more complex things like how to write scripts, how to make Title screens and Menus, how to save and load data for your games through examples.

The narration is paired with “slides” that in bullet points or diagrams that help explain some topics. And of course, the video also demonstrates concepts using the game engine itself, so it’s easy for listeners to follow and understand.

The narration for me though, is a little flat, but it’s still better than reading books, and simply following through screenshots.

For beginners, I think this video lecture is a good place to start. But people who are already familiar with Unity, this video doesn’t offer much more.

You can check out the video lecture on Packt’s website or check out some sample sections on YouTube.

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