Making a Game Part 1c: Synthesis

Synthesis or Evolving – Develop mind maps for the game. Can do brainstorming sessions using the Post It Method.

Post It Method – As a group, have a time limit (such as 2 minutes) to write ideas on post it notes. One idea per post it note. Then a coordinator will collect the post it notes and link similar ideas. Rinse and repeat multiple times. Then finally spend an additional 1 minute to fill in any lacking categories. The take a picture of all the post it notes, and generate a Mind Map. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, so that creativity wouldn’t be stifled by boredom.

This activity is emergent and organic.

Since I’m only working on my own, I decided to use another method. I took an online class on “Crash Course on Creativity” by Tina Seeling before, and one of the activities taught was to list at least 100 ideas on a given topic. If I remember correctly, the reasoning behind generating so many ideas is similar to the Post It Method, it is meant to be emergent and organic. You will start with normal and expected ideas, and as you go on, ideas gets weirder, and more and more out of the box.

So here goes listing as many ideas as possible…

  • Coming up with the first idea is always very hard. So here goes, a girl who wears a mask with a smile
  • Like Mimikyu from Pokemon

Image result for mimikyu without disguise

  • A series of vignettes, similar to “That Dragon, Cancer”
  • Doesn’t have to be explored / presented in order, like “The Sailor’s Dream”
  • A day in the life
  • Different seasons
  • Specific events
  • Something similar to “Everyday the Same Dream”

Image result for everyday the same dream

  • Not branching storyline
  • User modeling, based on user history
  • Use information from player’s social media
  • Use time based on player’s phone, like “Mandora” or “The Sailor’s Dream”

Image result for mandora time Image result for mandora time

  • Player’s control a character in third person view
  • Player “takes care” of the character
  • Player is the character
  • First person walking simulator
  • Player is an external god-like being
  • Player controls the phone
  • Simulates phone and social media like “Cibele”

Image result for cibele

  • Simulates interactions with phone
  • Point and click adventure like
  • Reads like a story
  • Interactive storybook like “Alice in Wonderland” on iPad

Image result for alice ipad

  • Without any narrative
  • Without any text
  • Only visuals
  • Similar to “Limbo”

Image result for limbo

  • Like “Choices”, player are given multiple choices throughout the story

Image result for choices game

  • More puzzles, like “Lumino City”
  • “It’s okay not to be okay…” – Jessie J
  • “Happy hurts sometimes” – Icon for Hire
  • The feeling of drowning

Image result for that dragon cancer drowning

  • Constantly raining
  • Raining indoors like “That Dragon, Cancer

Image result for that dragon cancer doctors

  • A girl with a rain cloud as a head and constantly rained on
  • A black and white world
  • The world is slowly revealed like “Unfinished Swan”

Image result for unpainted swan

Image result for unpainted swan

  • A dark world
  • A bright world, with a girl with a dark rain cloud
  • Capsule people, like board game pieces
  • Platformer
  • Ambient sounds
  • Personally go out and record sounds
  • Live in a bubble
  • Comedic approach similar to “The Office Quest”

Image result for office quest

  • A day in the life with mini games similar to “Fiete”

Image result for fiete

Related image

  • Fast paced mini games similar to “Dumb Ways to Die”

Image result for dumb ways to die

  • Seek and Find Game, with each item telling a story
  • A collection of curios and trinkets
  • A decoupage with pictures of significance in the background

  • VR
  • “Hello / How are you” – Hatsune Miku
  • It just occurred to me to check out HitRecord to see if there are any related collaborations, or see if I could start a collaboration.

Image result for hitrecord


To be continued…

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