Making a Game Part 4: Production onwards…

Ahhhh~ With only 2 months of dev time, production needs to be really tight. But it can be difficult as I am not the type to have entire GDDs written out before actually coding anything. I’m a strong believer that GDDs can only do so much, but you actually need to play the game to tell if it will work. That means coding, rapid coding (which thankfully I don’t suck at). Usually you just use simple white boxes as assets, but I still feel like you can’t quite get the feeling without at least the objects resembling what they need to be, especially if its a point and click puzzle game. That means at least first pass art with animations (which is painful). I know sound fx and music should be in there too, but I don’t have time to go through endless free sound banks right now.

Anyway, some post it notes…

To Do on one wall on my left.

Doing on my desk with my breakfast, markers and my trusty old laptop.

Done on another wall on my right.

I should digitize this on Trello, but really there is nothing more satisfying then moving post it notes.

Aja to me! Onwards and upwards…

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