Challenge 2: The Computer…

It’s a rabbit hole that makes you lose track of time, kind of like sleep, except you don’t get rested, just more tired, even though you didn’t really do anything.


Work in Progress with some references. The wallpaper and icon are Illustration contributions from HitRecord answering the question “What depression feels like to you?”.

How should a computer in a game look like? Also how deep into this rabbit hole should I allow the game and the player to go into? And how meta should it be?

I’m looking at games like “Her Story” and “Cibele”, which incorporates well real life humans into a game.

Image result for her story

Image result for cibele

Image result for cibele

And “Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltratiOnbased on the show.

Will you be playing the game?

I’m sort of tempted to stick the HitRecord project page on in there and include all the lovely contributions, and be a little meta about it. But maybe as an easter egg hidden somewhere in there.


Anyway, what do people do on their computers all day anyway?



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