Making a new game, the brain farts

I dunno about you, but for me, I come up with game ideas in that time when I’m lying in bed and struggling to fall asleep. And then my brain would start farting of all the details and actually make it harder to fall asleep. And then when I wake up, I have to write all the brain farts down and hopefully make it make sense (mostly, it’s just a bullet point list of random ideas, some images and some videos).

I thought it would be fun to capture that moment in time, and share the progress of a new game slash app that I am working on.

Project Name: Avatar Vlog (I’m open to suggestions)

Brain Farts: 🧠🤯

  • Decorate a 3d avatar (similar to Funkopop)
    • Paint / stickers
    • Have skins
      • Hair styles?
      • Clothing
  • Emoji expressions
    • With corresponding animations

  • Add accessories
    • Unlocks based on achievements / number of videos
      • Monetization?
      • Promo Code to unlock everything
      • Ads
        • This video is brought to you by #sponsored
  • Decorate background / room
    • Or AR
  • Record a 60 second diary every day
    • YouTube Vlog Feel
    • with microphone
    • avatar’s mouth will sync with audio ish
      • Can also turn off syncing
      • Can add SFX / bg music?
  • Can change animation of model and facial expression of avatar
  • Can add stickers / emojis to the scene while recording (UI will not record)
    • Can also create own stickers in advance
    • Can have a sticker toolbox for each video, for quick access
      • Favorite / star stickers to make it appear at the start of the list
    • Or… Speech recognition and automatically add stickers based on what they say?
    • Animated?
  • Can add text as well
    • Animated, Jiggly?
    • Show typing
  • Can draw during the recording
    • Draw my life
  • All stickers, text etc are behind the 3D character
  • Can clear all stickers, text etc. in the scene using one button
  • Can delete each individually too
  • Can zoom, rotate and drag stickers
  • Can also add filters
  • Can put avatar in front of real life scene (AR ish)
    • can also record without avatar
      • Front camera
        • Can outline person, so stickers etc stay behind as well?
  • Can control camera
    • Zoom
    • Pan
    • Buttons Hold to zoom / pan
  • Can add title
    • By default it’s the date
    • It will show at the start of the video
  • Can write script that will show as prompt while recording
    • Can also add notes
    • Can also show script in video?
  • Doodle style
  • Can post process video ?
    • Add stickers in post
    • Pause video

The Mood Board:

It’s like a mood board but composed of images and YouTube videos (yes, YouTube videos). Maybe I should start a Pinterest board… 🤔

And yes, mostly I’m inspired by SURIYUN’s Kawaii animals (this is an affiliate link, so I may earn 💸).

Stay tuned for the next part, where I experiment… 🧪

Bonus: see the brain farts converted into a Trello Board

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