I passed my Confirmation of Candidature!

After more than a year of PhD I finally finished my Confirmation of Candidature (I extended twice, coz Covid)….

Everything I worked for the past year, and even the past 10 years have led to this.

Yesterday, Facebook reminded me of a memory of my first game job in the Philippines from 11 years ago (I didn’t realize it been so long). I think even since then, I wanted to make games for good, games that can help people… But then I worked on commercial games for the next erm 8 years, ‘coz I’m from Asia y’all, we need games that make money.

Then I moved to the UK, did my Masters, finally made a game based on something personal and something that means something to me.

After I graduated, I realized that it’s something that I want to continue doing. I have turned down many jobs, and I moved to Australia, and started my PhD at RMIT.

Sure, I have a scholarship, but it’s nowhere near what I could’ve been earning as a game programmer. But money doesn’t matter to me, as much as working on something that I believed in.

I really believe that this is the path for me, that this is what God planned for me. to make games that can make a difference in people’s lives. I still have a couple of years to go, and I still need to revise my ethics application…

But it’s 1 milestone down, and I am officially a PhD candidiate, y’all ğŸŽ‰


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