An Invitation to Participate in Research: MENTAL Jam

MENTAL Jam is a PhD research project, conducted at RMIT University, which is interested in understanding people’s experiences of depression and anxiety. We would like to know about your experience of depression and anxiety, including what this experience was like. We would like to develop video games about the lived experiences of depression and anxiety as a form of knowledge translation to promote empathy and mental health awareness in the community.

People with lived experience of mental illness have used different artistic mediums to portray their stories as a form of self-expression and to raise community awareness. Video games offer interactive and immersive experiences that can inspire players to gain knowledge of the lived perspectives of others. The research project will provide a venue for young people with lived experience of depression and anxiety to share their stories, learn new game development skills and work together to develop video games through game jam workshops. Participants do not need to have a background in game development.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this project and/or would like more details.


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