Making a Game Part 1 Iteration 2: Aesthetic Styling

The second iteration will focus more on the art style and how I can present the game.


  • Okay, what will my game look like?
  • How will it look pretty?
  • Or does it actually need to look pretty?
  • How do I present the game?
  • Will it be 2D? Or 3D?
  • What will be the art style?
  • What kind of art style creates empathy more?
  • What kind of presentation style lets players feel more?
  • What kind of art style can I realistically achieve?
  • Do I find an artist to collaborate with?
  • What are the limitations of creating a mobile game? Screen size, etc.

Research and Comparative Analysis

One of the 3 Golden Rules of Game Design, according to my lecturer is: “Be REALISTIC – do not be overambitious”.

Okay, so realistically, I won’t be able to create anything in 3D (believe me, I’ve taken classes, and I tried. It’s just no for me).

So 2D vs 3D- definitely 2D.

Also Adrian Chmielarz, when writing about Empathy game design, says that “To the Moon” was able to achieve emotional empathy through:

c) Offering non-3D second person perspective;
d) Minimizing the cognitive load through simple mechanics and UI, and thus freeing up the mental space required for empathy to exist.

Image result for to the moon gameplay

Robert Briscoe, the artist behind “Dear Ether” delivered a GDC talk about “The Art of Dear Esther: Building an Environment to tell a Story”. He mentions that Impressionistic art, with a mix of real and surreal, is immersive. In the case of “Dear Esther”, it mirrors the ambiguous nature of their story. One of the qualities of Impressionistic is that its about evoking emotions rather then reality. He also says:

Realism isn’t the Holy Grail for Immersion
It’s not the fidelity of the content that matters, but the message and experience you portray through that content.

And that is good to hear, because, harking back to the whole “be realistic” bit, realism, even in 2D, is also something that I can’t do (don’t visit my DeviantArt to see my failed attempts).


I’m just going to art dump a bunch of games whose art style I really like.

Image result for machinarium
“Machinarium” by Amanita Design
Image result for botanicula
“Botanicula” by Amanita Design
Image result for samorost
“Samorost” by Amanita Design
Image result for samorost
“Samorost” by Amanita Design
“The Sailor’s Dream” by Simogo
Image result for device 6
“Device 6” by Simogo
Image result for lumino city
“Lumino City” by State of Play Games
Image result for night in the woods
“Night in the Woods” by Infinite Fall Link:

The art style of all the games presented at BAFTA Guru Live “Your First Game” talk actually.

Image result for Knights and Bikes
“Knights and Bikes” by Foam Sword
Image result for the wolf's bite game
“The Wolf’s Bite”
Image result for loot rascals
“Loot Rascal”


The Rivers of Alice



One of the things taught to us is also, you don’t have to limit yourself to games. You can look outside and get inspiration from other places.

So here are some pictures of watercolor tattoos.

Image result for water color tattoo


Some of the works on HitRecord are really interesting.

Image result for hit record

I also remembered Avid Liongoren, a Filipino filmmaker, who gave a talk at the first Graphika Manila about green screens and his movie “Saving Sally”.

I could probably go on forever, but I should stop and continue to the next step.

But, but, before that, I think I need to read of on some copyright stuff, regarding collages.


Also what about photographs that I take myself of buildings and landmarks? I remember an finale of Project Runway, where one of the designers had a print with Coney Island and it had to be changed.


Okay, now we can continue…


Based on the games, artworks and videos and who I am and my capabilities. I think I really like the collage style, the combination of the real and the surreal, layering drawings onto real life pictures or videos.

I’ll also try to find old art works or pieces that I have done in the past to you know, actually find out if I am capable to producing whatever it is that I want to produce.

This will be like a culmination of who I am as a person or as a poor excuse of an artist.

Warning: Includes so-called art that I dug up from my old DeviantArt account (circa 2004). Also I really, really like flowers.

  • Like I previously mentioned, something collage-y.
  • Photographs that I’ve taken

  • I actually keep a blog type thing on Wattpad composed of ramblings and photos of places I’ve been, maybe I should use that
  • Hand drawn
  • Watercolor

Brush strokes by DeadPoetz

  • Charcoal

Poppy by DeadPoetz pretty pink petals by DeadPoetz

  • Crayon

iris doodle by DeadPoetz

  • Mixed Media

Blue by DeadPoetz

  • Pencil

trinket by DeadPoetz

  • Black lines
Black and White Bedroom by DeadPoetz
This was actually made for a hidden object game, we made back in uni.
IX : Paranoid by DeadPoetz
I was challenging myself to draw more way back then, but doing a Project 365 Drawing Edition. Yes, by drawing an “art work” per day. Also I’m not good at drawing faces. This “piece” was called “Paranoid”.

CCXXIV : Into the Wonderland by DeadPoetz

  • Weird Characters

X : The Mating Game by DeadPoetz

  • Even more weird characters – I had a photoshoot with my friends, which I used as a reference

XVII : The Loli Class by DeadPoetz XVIII : The Sosi Class by DeadPoetz XVI : The Artist Class by DeadPoetz

  • Markers

XXXV : Hookah Induced Dreams by DeadPoetz

  • Dried Flowers – I had a phase when I was obsessed with picking flowers and stuffing them in books.
  • Beads – my sister started a phase where we started making beaded flowers
  • Overlay drawings on photographs
  • Origami

  • Papercraft
  • Paper cutouts
  • Using newspaper

CCVIII : Feist by DeadPoetz

  • Cardboard

  • Cutting out a book
I am also, by the way, a cosplayer. But this was actually created for TIBE – a book fair in Taiwan.
  • Collage


I suppose it might also be interesting to combine all these into one mixed media art style.

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