Making a Game Part 1 Iteration 8: Character

So I’m going to take a look at some characters from other games, as well as really think about how the character in my game should look like.

A little girl or a monster? Or a little girl that turns into a monster?

  • What should the character be?
  • What should the character look like?

I’m going to narrow it down to characters from game with that black and white silhouette art style.


Image result for limbo character

Everyday the Same Dream




Toby: The Secret Mine

Image result for toby the secret mine character







Albert & Otto

Image result for albert and otto game character

Selma and the Wisp

Image result for selma and the wisp character



Bulb Boy

Image result for bulb boy character

Soulless Night



The level of detail and abstraction on these characters varies.

Facial Features

A few of them are black with white eyes, with no other facial detail, while others don’t have any facial details at all.

  • Should I include facial details?

As I’ve mentioned before about “That Dragon Cancer”, the faceless avatars actually encourages empathy.

But I also kind of want to include a character with either a fake smile or a frown.

Body Proportion

Some of them are long and lean, while others are short and stubby.

Arms and Legs

This will affect animation a lot. Some of them have knees, while others don’t (which actually simplifies the animation). Some are also more “ropey” (think “Adventure Time”) than others.

Image result for adventure time walk cycle

Like “Bulb Boy”…

Image result for bulb boy

As opposed to “Limbo”…

Image result for limbo

And somewhere in between, like “Everyday the Same Dream”…

Image result for everyday the same dream

Animation and Different Walk Cycles

Image result for walk cycle


Image result for walk cycle rubberhose

Or rubberhose in After Effects…

Image result for walk cycle rubberhose

Image result for walk cycle rubberhose

Before we go down that rabbit hole…

Oh and just some crude sketches from me trying to imitate the characters…


Oh and since we get free accounts from the course, now I’m learning more about Characters and design from there.

The last link,  Drawing Cartoon Characters, is really good. I highly recommend anyone to check it out.

Some notes and sketches I did as I followed along that tutorial:




Okay, let’s end this post here.

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