I tried to make something for Ludum Dare 46

“Tried” being the operative word. Although I did finish something, I didn’t upload it, because I got distracted on the first day and couldn’t create an entry (I got caught up with watching “Phantom of the Opera”, which was only available that weekend).

The theme of Ludum Dare 46 is “Keep it Alive”. The idea was you are trying to keep you plant alive by watering it, but at the same time, you also talk to your plant (like a reciprocal relationship) and it makes a recording. Each recording will create a new leaf, and then you can listen to your past recordings by clicking on the leaves.

It’s the same idea as my previous game jam app Healing Hearts. In order to cope with self-isolation, I’ve been writing everyday, and I’ve been naming the entries Day n, so like today was Day 35. To just create a routine, talking about your feelings everyday, while trying to grow and keep your plant alive (funnily, one of the Ludum Dares I did a few years ago, had a theme of “Growing”). Hopefully seeing the leaves grow, and the whole preventing your plant from dying will be a good incentive to keep players to return to the app and build that routine.

What do you think? I think the idea and designs need more work. But should I upload it as a prototype anyway?

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