How to create DLLs for Unity?

I guess the first question is Why? Why create DLLs? DLLs can be used to Tidy Up Unity Code, speed up compile time (a bit), makes it easier to redistribute code and a bunch of other Pros (but also Cons), and reduce deployment clutter and you can literally put everything you need – textures, audio, whatever – inside one file. Okay, so now, How? Unity actually has a … Continue reading How to create DLLs for Unity?

How to Create Unity Android Plugins?

Disclaimer: This is based on FastEgg’s Tutorial Sometimes we need to create Plugins to easily use external frameworks such as Ad Networks in Unity. Android 1. Create new Android Application Project * Application Name, Project Name should refer to the specific plugin (admob for a plugin for AdMob) 2. Add Additional Libraries right click on Project and select “Properties” navigate to “Java Build Path” select … Continue reading How to Create Unity Android Plugins?

Plugins love ❤ Firefox Personas (where I got my lovely Cath Kidston theme) (for streaming music from Facebook (for well checking Facebook notifications, changing statuses, etc.) Tumblr (for well, duh) WebMail Notifier (for checking multiple email accounts) Echofon (for Twitter, which I basically use like chat) ReminderFox (for reminders) Continue reading